Tips For How To Choose A Better Kitchen Knife

How to choose a better kitchen knife

We can see many kinds of kitchen knife selling on the market ,but how to choose a better kitchen knife ? now we are with more than 10years experience of focus produce kitchen knife will give you a tips .


  1. material


In general ,material of kitchen knife had 3 kinds , 2CR13(#420 ) ,  3CR13(#420J2) , 5CR15(#5CR15MOV).


  1. 2CR13 for which we call in China , International generic name# 420 , its hardness 45~50HRC , Because it’s stable and cheaper ,they are good for promotion gift & freebee ,and always had harvest praise .


  1. 3CR13(#420J2 ),they are high carbon content, and it has higher strength, hardness and wear resistance , we can see the medium grade of Steel head knife usually use this material .


  1. 5CR15(#5CR15MOV) , they are high carbon content and greatly improves the hardness .this material is popular at these years in China .


For family use S/S 2CR13(#420 ) or 3CR13(#420J2 )is enough ,S/S 5CR15(#5CR15MOV) will be good for professional chef.



  1. handle

The handles of kitchen knives can be made from a number of different materials, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wood handles provide good grip, and most people consider them to be the most attractive. They are, however, slightly more difficult to care for as they must be cleaned more thoroughly and occasionally treated with mineral oil. Most wood handles, especially those of ordinary varnished hardwood, do not resist water well, and will crack or warp with prolonged exposure to water. They should be hand-washed for that reason.


  • Plastic handles are more easily cared for than wooden handles and do not absorb microorganisms. However, plastics may also be less resistant to ultraviolet damage and may become brittle over time, resulting in cracking. Some plastics are also slippery in the hand. The material is lighter than most other materials, which may result in a knife that is off-balance or too light for some tastes.


  • Stainless steel handles are the most durable of all handles, as well as the most sanitary. however, that they are very slippery in the hand, especially when wet. To counter this, many premium knife makers make handles with ridges, bumps, or indentations to provide extra grip.


You can choose handle according to personal habits , a favorite knife can cook delicious food ,right !


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