About non-stick coating

Today I would like to talk about the non-stick coating which popular use on the kitchen knife blade .


As we know ,when we use a knife to slice meat ,there is a common failing that ,the meat will be  stick / stuck on the blade ,we always need to Separate it .the non-stick coating blade solve the problem ,we spray the non-stick coating on the stainless steel knife blade and then highbake make that durable & not easy to fall off .


The best non-stick properties are Teflon coating and ceramic coating. we usually use the Non-stick pan also make of that .


teflon is a registered trademark used by DuPont Co in a series of fluoropolymer products.after that , many company had research and development many call non-stick coating with this function .


ceramic coating : Ceramic properties are stable, and after thousands of years of testing, it has been fully proven its safety. Using nanotechnology to make the product surface tight without pores, to achieve the effect of non-stick.


No matter Teflon & ceramic coating, or some other name non-stick coating ,they must be Conforming to food safety , our company Strict control of quality ,all of the non-stick coating had tested and pass food safety by testing company . we have many good respond from all of our clients and the repeat order is persistent.




The validity of non-stick coating will be 3-5years ,when they expire and missing coating is not enough to worry about .First, nonstick coatings are usually fluorinated polymer polymers that are acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, oil-resistant, high-temperature resistant and are not digested, absorbed or enriched at all, but expelled directly through faeces. Secondly, the coating itself is very thin, the amount of shedding in use is very small, and a considerable part of the wear and tear shedding occurs in the cleaning process, so the direct health risk can be completely ignored.


non-stick coating had many kinds of color and pattern ,they are not only decorate the kitchen but also help us make a delicious cuisine .







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